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/media/dunnfamilyfuneralhome/Funeral.png FUNERAL SERVICES
• Peronalized Funerals
• Traditional Funerals
• Direct Burials
• Transfer Services
/media/dunnfamilyfuneralhome/Cremation.png CREMATION SERVICES
• Cremation Packages
• Traditional Funerals with Cremation
• Memorial Services
/media/dunnfamilyfuneralhome/Merchandise.png MERCHANDISE
• Caskets
• Vaults
• Urns
• Alternative Containers
• Transfer Containers
/media/dunnfamilyfuneralhome/Veteran.png VETERANS SERVICES
• Specialized Merchandise
• Services for U.S. Veterans
• Assistance with Veteran Matters:
  obtaining VA flags, cemetery markers and
  filing of claims